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OKAY Jojoba Oil for Skin & Hair 2oz

Product Information
Skin Quenching Moisturizer made to Nourish & Hydrate Dry Skin. -Can also be used as a Hair Conditioner to Help Cure Dry Scalp & Stimulate Hair Growth. For Skin: Jojoba oil is easily absorbed and does not leave any unpleasant oily feeling or oily residue. This oil can be used to nourish and moisturize all types of facial skin and body skin. Skin will have more glow & look gorgeous. Apply a small amount to palm of hand and massage onto skin. For Hair: Jojoba oil can be used to improve our hair quality and stimulate hair growth. This oil is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for such common problem as dandruff. Besides jojoba oil with its brilliant moisturizing and nourishing properties can make your hair look simply gorgeous. If you want to enjoy jojoba oil benefits for your hair; Just apply this oil directly to your hair or mix 1/2 bottle (30ml) to your regular shampoo or conditioner. Can be used twice a week for best results.Read More >>

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OKAY Jojoba Oil for Skin & Hair 2oz