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Okay 100% Pure Olive Oil for Skin & Hair 4oz

Product Information
Olive Oil Use for Hair nourishes, conditions, and improves the strenght and elasticity of your hair. OKAY 100% Pure Olive Oil can be used in many ways for your hair. Two ways you can use is as a dandruff controller or a deep conditioner. Directions for use: As Dandruff Control after shampooing mix equal parts with water and massage into hair. Leave on for 5 minutes then shampoo out and rinse. As a Deep Conditioner 1- Heat up about a 1/4 cup of olive oil in the microwave for 20 seconds. Put a small amount in the palm of your hands and massage into your hair. For dry scalp massage a small amount onto your scalp. For oily hair massage into your hair but be sure to stay 1/2 from your scalp. 2- Massage until your hair is entirely covered with the olive oil. 3- Wrap your hair up loosely and cover with a plastic cap. 4- Wait 30min so that the olive oil can deeply penetrate allowing for best results. 5- Shampoo out with a mild shampoo. Use a light conditioner after, then enjoy your shinier, softer, more manageable hair thanks to OKAY 100% Pure Olive Oil. Uses for Skin: Olive Oil Use for Skin is an excellent moisturizer soften your rough feet, combat skin wrinkles, it can be used to soften redness of scares of the skin. This miraculous oil will guard your body and skin at the same time. Directions for use: Simply add some olive oil to area of skin and massage in.Read More >>

Okay 100% Pure Olive Oil for Skin & Hair 4oz

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Okay 100% Pure Olive Oil for Skin & Hair 4oz