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OKAY 100% Pure Jamaican Castor Oil 4oz

Product Information
Okayć 100% Pure Jamaican Castor Oil has become very popular in todays beauty market. For thousands of years due to its skin and hair benefits people across the world have been using this Miracle Oil in many ways. Okayć Brand Castor Oil seeds are harvested and grown in Jamaica. These seeds are then cold pressed to provide you with the Purest Golden Natural Castor Oil possible. For Hair: This oil is used to promote Natural Thick Hair Growth of the Head, Eyebrows and Eyelashes. Directions: Apply & leave in daily for best results. For a Deep Intensive Treatment, use as a hot oil treatment. Directions: Spread oil over entire head and wear a cap. Sit under a hood dryer or apply heat for 30min. Rinse off after with warm water. Repeat 1 to 2 times weekly for best results. New Hair Growth is clearly visible after 1 month of use. For Skin: This miracle oil can help with acne, ringworms, moles, warts, age spots, discolored skin, athletes foot, inflammation, sunburn, foot callus, & stretch marks. Directions: Apply to area of treatment and massage until fully absorbed. Use daily for best results.Read More >>

OKAY 100% Pure Jamaican Castor Oil 4oz

Additional Accessories
Print Spray Bottle Small
Conditioning Caps 10ct (Clear)
Coloring Kit 5PC
Regular Tinting Brush
Annie Shampoo Hose 5'2"
Maxi End Wraps 1000ct 2&1/4"x3&1/4"
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OKAY 100% Pure Jamaican Castor Oil 4oz